“Have a Mindset to Sacrifice Everything in Your Life for A Single Purpose,Then See What Miracles Happen”


Reason  for  Reason’s 

This is human nature, everything can be changed for a reason. I believe there is a reason behind why I writing this blog, even I mentioned in my last blog I’m the Creator of Myself that I need changes  therefore reasons for a reason to bring some  changes. Nothing can be changed without any reasons.
In the end I began this life for a reason.

I born for a reason,I brought up for a reason, I study for a reason, I work for a reason even I struggle for a reason.
I trust for a reason,I doubt for a reason, I believed for  a reason, I responsible for a reason even I hope for a reason.
I happy for a reason, I sad  for a reason, I stressed for a reason, I depressed for a reason even I excited for a reason.
I breath for a reason, I feel for a reason, I  taste for a reason, I see for a reason, I smell for a reason, even I hear for a reason.
In the end I live this life for a reason.
I met for a reason, I talked for a reason , I proposed for a reason, I cared for a reason, I touched for a reason , I  hugged for a reason, even I kissed for a reason.
In the end I married for a reason.
I do what for reason, I do why for reason, I do where for  reason, I do when for reason, I do which  for a reason,even I do how for a reason.
In the end I do everything for a reason.

I’m the Creator of Myself 

Long day of busy  job,spending time with friends, chit chatting, happy  & sad, good mood & bad mood +  depression in between them =  very awesome finish of day right?.

I’m waiting for next day but nothing new gonna happen right ? Who knows.

But myself I’m clear  that it’s not gonna be a different day  until you would change your thoughts & spending.

 Have I satisfied enough?  Or want anything more ?

I deep inside want to change everything for me. The  peoples, surroundings, creatures & creations , the entire world for me. Isn’t it my selfishness?

 People say it,I don’t know care anymore- I repeat  I don’t care anymore.

This is my last chance to grew up  myself and show them what, who – I’m . What  myself want from the world orders. 

 What I made of is not just a Gene, myself a supernatural bread with rare combination. 

I not even gonna spend my precious time for any blady shits.its the time to wakeup,time to know myself,time to  work hard, time to be a master of my dreams.

Yes I became more powerful person with respecting eyes infront of me !

Expect,Expecting, Expectation.

These eyes give me the courage to make myself strong enough to compete. I’m not gonna loose you my gene of myself, I hardly want you, I hardly crying to get close to you more. I hardly working to  hug you close to my heart.

 With love – I Love Myself